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Insight Workplace Health was founded in Wales in 2009. Since then, the commitment to put quality at the heart of everything we do has been our constant motivation.

As a values based organisation, our internal quality management system ‘Complete Insight’ drives everything that we do. At the heart of our ambitions is the need to deliver the best in all aspects of our operation. 

Occupational Health

The business case.

Leading companies that connect health and productivity strategies to business objectives report employee health improvements, lower costs, reduced work loss and higher productivity.

These are also linked to significant competitive and financial advantages, including higher revenues per employee and total shareholder return. It is appropriate to view employee health as a social investment to be leveraged rather than a cost to be justified.

Sickness absence is estimated to cost UK businesses £28.8 billion each year. Additionally, work related illnesses and accidents cost British businesses 2.8 billion every year.

 It stands to reason that strategically focused occupational health services which address the specific needs and risks at individual workplaces have the potential to deliver significant savings to a range of employers, direct and indirect costs – by preventing work-related ill health and helping to promote employees general health and performance at work. 

The government provides many tax incentives for the provision of occupational health. 

Occupational Health Wales Reception Area
  • E-Learning Courses

    E-Learning Courses Accessible online any time, they enable you to study at your own pace. A comprehensive list of online courses These are short courses, typically taking 45 to 90 minutes to complete. They cover a huge range of topics in the areas of health and safety, business skills and health and social care, and […]

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  • Face-to-Face Courses

    Face-to-Face Courses Keep your workforce safe and healthy. Giving your team the tools they need Keeping your workforce safe and healthy can involve sending some or all of your team on specialist courses. Our comprehensive collection of training courses covers a long list of health and safety and occupational health topics, as well as first […]

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  • Mobile Screening

    We have a fleet of vehicles and experienced staff ready to undertake jobs of any size. We undertake thousands of Safety Critical Medicals and Health Surveillance appointments every year, for companies of all sizes and all industries. We are also able to undertake more specialist medicals where required.

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  • On Employment Screening

    On employment screening is specific to your organisation; it allows you to set a health baseline for new joiners and ensures that appropriate workplace adjustments can be implemented at the start of a role. This process ensures both that the individual is fit for a role and that the role “fits” the individual.

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  • Health Surveillance

    Insight Health Screening will help you meet your legislative requirements and obligations under COSHH.

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  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

    Drug and alcohol testing services help our customers to achieve a healthy, safe and compliant workplace. Various different forms of intervention from planned, random screening programmes through to “for cause” intervention can help to change cultures within our customers’ organisations.

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  • Night Worker

    The purpose of a night worker health assessment is to determine whether a worker is fit to undertake the night work to which he/she has been assigned. Also, it is to determine whether the work will have an effect upon the employee’s health. Find out more
  • Safety Critical Medicals

    The term “safety critical work” is defined as: “Where the ill health of an individual may compromise their ability to undertake a task defined as safety critical, thereby posing a significant risk to the health and safety of others.” Find out more
  • Lone Worker

    Any member of staff whose job requires them to work by themselves without close or direct supervision is classified as a lone worker. Find out more
  • Working at Heights

    Working at heights is defined as working in any place where, if there were no precautions in place, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. Find out more
  • Confined Space

    A confined space is one which is both enclosed, or largely enclosed, and which also has a reasonably foreseeable risk to workers of fire, explosion, loss of consciousness, asphyxiation or drowning. Find out more
  • Fitness for Task medicals

    “Fit to work” or “fitness to work” is a medical assessment performed to assess whether an employee can safely carry out a specific job or task. Find out more
  • Driver Medicals

    Our driver medicals are tailored to your individual circumstances and ensure that your workplace transport drivers are medically fit to drive their vehicles. Find out more
  • Management Referrals

    Our occupational health professionals provide a quality and timely service, often returning reports faster than the industry standard lead times, without compromising on quality. Find out more
  • Early Intervention

    Early intervention is key in the case of sickness absence. Evidence shows that absentees who are called by Occupational Health on the same day showed a quicker return to work than those called on subsequent days. Find out more
  • Mental Health Support

    Managing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety disorders and more can be very complex in the workplace but is necessary to promote inclusiveness and support employees. Find out more
  • Wellbeing and Health Promotion

    Healthy workforces are more productive. Being recognised as an employer that takes the health and wellbeing of your employees seriously reflects positively on the reputation and culture of the organisation. Find out more