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On Employment Screening

Getting it right from the outset

On employment screening is specific to your organisation; it allows you to set a health baseline for new joiners and ensures that appropriate workplace adjustments can be implemented at the start of a role.

This process ensures both that the individual is fit for a role and that the role “fits” the individual. This also helps your organisation comply with health and safety and employment legislation and pro-actively minimises adverse health issues down the line.

Future health challenges can be picked up early, or avoided entirely, when on employment screening is used appropriately.

Employment Screening

Benefits of on employment screening

  • Establishes whether the individual is fit for the role.
  • Enables the employer to make any necessary adjustments to ensure the employee is able to fulfil the role.
  • Identifies health issues that may become a problem later on.
  • Gives the employee insights into their health and advice that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Demonstrates an employer’s care for their staff and commitment to helping them stay healthy.

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