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Vaccination Immunisation

Vaccination and Immunisation Services

Protecting your team

Insight Health Screening provides a range of vaccines to help protect employees both from a welfare and a legislative point of view.

We can provide vaccines such as hepatitis B, tetanus and flu both on site, or at one of our clinics. We also provide seasonal flu vaccinations to help protect the health of employees in flu season, and to help reduce sickness absence.


An employee may need to be vaccinated if they:

  • work with human pathogens or purified biological toxins
  • handle or process human blood, serum or tissue samples
  • work in a medical capacity that puts them into contact with patients
  • carry out fieldwork abroad
  • travel to certain countries.

Vaccination: what will Insight do?

We will:

  • recommend which vaccinations are needed for an individual’s work
  • establish an employee’s vaccination history and immunity
  • administer the vaccinations
  • provide follow-up boosters when needed.

Our clients include